Your PHYSICIANS want immediate access to accurate patient information without having to login to multiple systems.

Your PATIENTS need better follow-up care after discharge and more seamless care between inpatient and outpatient visits.

wants to reduce avoidable readmissions and qualify for meaningful use stimulus payments as soon as possible.

CORHIO can help!

CORHIO Health Information Exchange (HIE) Offers:

  • Community-wide and statewide connectivity
  • Standards-based data and message transmission
  • Lab and radiology results delivery
  • Data exchange adhearing to the highest privacy and security protocols
  • Lab and radiology ordering (planned)
  • Public health alerts, immunizations and reporting (in pilot phase)
  • Medication history search and reconciliation (planned)

Benefits of Health Information Exchange

Health information exchange (HIE) is the secure, electronic process of sharing patients' clinical information with physicians and other health care providers to improve quality of care and practice efficiencies. HIE has been documented to benefit hospitals in many ways including:

  • Cost-efficient data exchange with physicians and other clinicians (avoid building costly point-to-point interfaces)
  • Streamlined access to patient history information, especially important for emergency department clinicians
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs
  • Reduced costs from faxing, mailing paper files
  • HIPAA-compliant data sharing with other health care providers
  • Improved quality and coordination of patient care

Community Approach to HIE in Colorado

Currently, CORHIO is serving hospitals east of the continental divide. Hospitals west of the continental divide should contact the Quality Health Network (QHN), a regional HIE based out of Grand Junction.

For a full list of CORHIO HIE participants, click here.

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