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YOUR PATIENTS need more seamless care between physician office visits, procedures, hospitalizations, lab and radiology testing, long-term care and home-based care.

YOU want faster, easier access to patient information to improve care transitions and coordination with other care providers.

CORHIO can help!

What is Health Information Exchange?

Health information exchange (HIE) is the secure, electronic process of sharing patients' health information with physicians and other health care providers to improve quality of care and practice efficiencies.

All data is shared safely and securely, meeting or exceeding HIPAA standards. Download a PDF overview of HIE here.

CORHIO Health Information Exchange Offers:

  • Cost-efficient data exchange with hospitals, labs, physicians, and other care providers
  • Streamlined access to patients’ medical history, saving valuable time searching through paper charts and faxes or making phone calls
  • Decreased costs from faxing, printing, mailing paper files, and other administrative tasks
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant information sharing with other care providers
  • Streamlined Oasis reporting
  • More efficient workflow for discharge planners, helping them focus on more complex cases
  • Reduced costs and physical risks to patients by avoiding unnecessary duplicate tests

Committed to the Unique Needs of Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Providers

In long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC), providers are faced with enormous challenges associated with coordinating care for patients transitioning to and from multiple and diverse care settings. These challenges with care coordination can be resolved by enhancing communications between the different care providers on their shared patients. CORHIO is working with LTPAC organizations, hospitals, physicians and other health care providers at a community-level to improve care coordination through HIE. Download a PDF overview of HIE benefits for LTPAC organizations.

Note: The LTPAC Care Transitions Challenge Grant program is no longer accepting applications. Even though the LTPAC Care Transitions Challenge Grant program is closed to new participants, if you're interested in participating in CORHIO's Health Information Exchange outside of the grant program, please contact CORHIO, at info@corhio.org or 720-285-3200 for more information.

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