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Your patients need more seamless care between office visits, procedures, hospitalizations, lab and radiology testing, community and home-based care and long term care. You want faster, electronic access to patient information to improve quality of care and better integrate with other health care providers.

CORHIO can help!

CORHIO is a nonprofit, state-designated entity for HIE. HIE offers health care providers benefits including:

  • Cost-efficient data exchange with hospitals, physicians and other health care providers
  • Streamlined access to patient history information
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs
  • Reduced costs from faxing and mailing paper files
  • Simplified, HIPAA-compliant data sharing with other health care providers

CORHIO is working with hospitals, physicians and other health care providers at a community level to ensure HIE brings immediate benefit to all involved.

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Learn more about CORHIO's HIE Products & Services on the For Providers page.

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