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CORHIO Exec. Director Calls on ONC to Address Barriers to HIE

(August 20, 2014)

Morgan Honea testified at an ONC listening session about the industry’s slower than anticipated progress on HIE and interoperability. During the hearing, Honea suggested that the ONC consider monitoring for-profit EHR vendors because some appear to be employing tactics that intentionally slow the growth of HIE as part of their overall business strategy. For example, inflated costs for HIE interfaces charged by EHR vendors have resulted in slower adoption of HIE.  MORE +

City of Longmont Aims to Reduce Unnecessary ER Visits Through Primary Care Intervention and HIE

(August 20, 2014)

The recently formed Longmont Community Health Network will help patients with complex medical conditions better manage their care with the help of medical history from the CORHIO network. Many of the patients referred to the Longmont Community Health Network haven’t seen their primary care physician in years, but have been to the emergency department, potentially anywhere in the state. The Longmont Community Health Network plans to utilize the CORHIO network to investigate what’s been happening with their patients to better inform their care interventions.  MORE +

More Than 250 Providers in Northern Colorado Join the Health Information Exchange

(July 16, 2014)

Care providers working at one of Banner Medical Group’s 70 locations will soon have access to expanded patient medical information in the Community Health Record available through CORHIO. So when a patient visits another hospital or medical laboratory in almost any part of the state, the Banner physicians can access the details of that visit, including lab and pathology results, radiology reports, and hospital discharge summaries.  MORE +

Schryver Medical Lab Now Sending Test Results Into the Community Health Record

(July 16, 2014)

Now that Schryver Medical is sending laboratory test results into the health information exchange (HIE), long-term and post-acute care providers will have access to that information via the secure PatientCare 360 portal. Having a complete picture of the patient’s care helps to smooth the “patient handoff” that can often be stressful and rushed for both the patient and provider.  MORE +

Health Information Exchange Helps Drive Accountable Care in Colorado

(June 18, 2014)

True innovation is happening all over Colorado in our health systems and communities. Throughout the state, there are many examples of people coming together in a community to tackle lowering health care costs and improving patient outcomes. One such group is Community Health Partnership, a coalition of health care providers working together to coordinate care for approximately 89,000 patients in the central geographical area of the state, many of whom have multiple conditions requiring care by multiple doctors.   MORE +