CORHIO in the News

IT Spending No Small Undertaking for Providers

FierceHealthIT  (October 2, 2014)

At a Health IT Policy Committee governance subgroup meeting in mid-August, Carl Dvorak, president of EHR vendor Epic said that at least one factor limiting health data exchange is that some health information exchanges nationwide force participants to pay full and exorbitant fees for participation, even in the case of providers using individual services such as access to public health and immunization registries. Morgan Honea, executive director for CORHIO--a nonprofit health information exchange that electronically connects providers throughout the state--who also testified at the meeting, took issue with what he saw as generalizations by Dvorak, calling them "unfair."  MORE +

Digital Medical Records Become Common, but Sharing Remains Challenging

New York Times  (September 30, 2014)

As a practicing ear, nose and throat specialist in Ahoskie, N.C., Dr. Raghuvir B. Gelot says that little has frustrated him more than the digital record system he installed a few years ago. The problem: His system, made by one company, cannot share patient records with the local medical center, which uses a program made by another company.  MORE +

Hospital EHR System Connected To State HIE To Improve Transitions Of Care

Health IT Outcomes  (September 10, 2014)

Recently, Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) announced it has successfully connected its electronic health record (EHR) system to the health information exchange network of the CORHIO, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization. Estes Park Medical Center is the first independent critical access hospital to connect to the Colorado HIE.  MORE +

Replacing An Ambulance With A Station Wagon

NPR - Shots  (September 5, 2014)

When a fire department gets a call for medical help, most of them scramble both an ambulance and a fully staffed fire truck. But that's way more than most people need, according to Rick Lewis, chief of emergency medical services at South Metro Fire Rescue Authority in the Denver suburbs. "It's not the prairie and the Old West anymore, where you have to be missing a limb to go to the hospital," Lewis says, "Now it's a sore throat or one day of cold or flu season sometimes, and that can be frustrating for people, I know it is."  MORE +

HIE, Advanced EMR System Make Coordinated Care A Snap

Health IT Outcomes  (August 27, 2014)

Boulder Medical Center doctors are now receiving laboratory results from hospitals and labs around the state without having to wait for faxes or other paper-based methods of communication. This is reducing patient wait times, helping doctors make faster and more accurate clinical decisions, and saving staff time previously spent tracking down patients' medical records.  MORE +