Cutting-Edge Technology For 9Health Fair Participants

The 9Health Fair and Quest Diagnostics have teamed up with CORHIO to make it easy for you to share your blood test results with your health care provider electronically. Through CORHIO and its secure health information exchange (HIE) network, your doctor or health care provider is able to access your lab results. This access means you may not have to print out your lab results to fax or hand carry them to your provider's office. Only qualified health care professionals who have an established relationship with you can access the results. Your provider must be participating in CORHIO's secure health information exchange to do so.

Finding Participating Care Providers

There are more than 7,700 healthcare professionals in Colorado who have access to the CORHIO health information exchange network. Find out if yours is one of them on the Participating Providers page. You can choose the city your provider is located in and review the list below the map. Those with a status of "connected" will be able to electronically access your test results.

Ask Your Doctor to Join CORHIO

Health care providers who aren't participating in the CORHIO network can't access your test results electronically. If you'd like your provider to consider participating in the network, click here to open a PDF with information about CORHIO that you can print out and bring to his or her office on your next visit.

Your Choices

Health information exchange helps improve the health care services you receive, however it's your choice to have your information accessible through the CORHIO network. You can choose not to participate by opting out.

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