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CORHIO's Mission, Vision and Values

As healthcare information technology evolves to meet provider, payer and patient needs, it’s important for CORHIO to evolve, and even outpace, what’s happening in the industry. At the end of 2016, the organization's Board of Directors and Executive Team spent a period of introspection evaluating its mission, vision and values to define guiding principles and to inspire community and staff. 

Mission Statement

CORHIO empowers people, providers, and communities by providing the information they need to improve health

Vision Statement

Harnessing the power of data for health and vitality


Building Community through Collaboration

Pursuing Innovation with Determination

Making a Commitment to Excellence through Life-Long Learning

Deliberately Creating a Fun and Respectful Environment

Delivering with Integrity and Accountability

From Our Board President

“Never before has our industry been on the precipice of such significant change. I am a firm believer that within the data lies the key to future payment and delivery system reform. The easier we make obtaining and mining health care information, the smarter we can be in crafting our future.”

Steven Summer
CORHIO Board Chair
President and CEO of Colorado Hospital Association