Nationwide Data Exchange

CORHIO is now participating in a national interoperability initiative that connects us to other Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) throughout the country. The Patient Centered Data Home™ (PCDH) initiative is a nationwide coordination of Health Information Exchanges by the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC). SHIEC is a national collaborative representing HIEs that wish to improve provider communication and the exchange of important clinical data for patient care, regardless of geographic locations and borders. The vision is that clinical data should be available whenever and wherever care occurs and be “centered” around the patient to improve patient care.

Through a shared data exchange connection with the Quality Health Network on Colorado’s western slope, CORHIO is now actively sharing data in this initiative.

In addition to the connection with Quality Health Network, CORHIO joins the other HIEs throughout the country that are now actively sharing data for enhanced care coordination and improved patient care. We are currently sending Colorado patient data to 26 health information exchanges all over the country and are receiving data from 21 exchanges. We have projects underway to expand data sharing to several other states through this initiative.

Details on the states CORHIO is exchanging data with can be found on: Data Access Zip Code Mapping & Connectivity

Note: For CORHIO Notifications customers, see the list of MSH-4 values for these additional data senders. 

PCDH Background

PCDH is a cost-effective, scalable method of exchanging patient data among HIEs. It’s based on triggering episode alerts, which notify providers a care event has occurred outside of the patients’ “home” HIE, and confirms the availability and the specific location of the clinical data, enabling providers to initiate additional data exchanges to access real-time information across state and regional lines and the care continuum. In this model, all clinical data becomes part of the comprehensive longitudinal patient record in the HIE where the patient resides, called the Patient Centered Data Home.

For more information on PCDH, click here.