What data is in the CORHIO Health Information Exchange?

September 9th, 2016 | Published Under Health Information Exchange by Jennifer Mensch

CORHIO participants have access to the state’s largest patient data repository of its kind. Accessed through CORHIO’s web portal PatientCare 360 or as results delivered right to a participant's electronic health record system, our data is sent from 60 hospitals, 4 major laboratories and 12 imaging centers.

Type of results available in the CORHIO HIE:

  • Face sheets
  • Pathology results
  • Imaging and radiology reports           
  • Admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) information
  • Transcription notes
  • Laboratory results
  • Medication/allergy problem information
  • Care Summaries/Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)

For details on data available in the CORHIO network by sender, go to http://www.corhio.org/participating-providers. On this page, we have a detailed list of "Data Available in Network” by specific hospital, laboratory or organization. See below for more instructions.


On the Participating Providers page, click on "Data Available in the Network" on the left underneath Search.

This document lists each CORHIO data sender and specific information on what they are sending. If you have any questions about CORHIO data, please contact us.



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