CORHIO Presentations at HIMSS

February 20th, 2018 | Published Under Health Information Exchange by Jennifer Mensch

CORHIO is honored to be selected to present the following sessions at the 2018 HIMSS conference:

  • Harnessing EHR Data for Local Population Health Monitoring (session #291, Friday, March 9th, 10:30-11:30 am) - speakers Kate Horle, Chief Operations Officer, CORHIO and Emily McCormick, Senior Epidemiologist at Denver Public Health Department

    Public health officials are finding health disparities among neighborhoods, with childhood obesity rates and tobacco use higher in some neighborhoods. In Colorado, a unique opportunity is informing a better understanding of geography-based public health through The Colorado Health Observation Regional Data Service (CHORDS). CHORDS is a regional partnership between health providers, public health departments, a health information exchange and the University of Colorado to use real-time data from electronic health records to assist public health officials in their study of community health disparities. Researchers query a specific health question, and data is returned from different healthcare systems via a series of connected virtual data warehouses. This unique data service provides a way for public health officials and researchers to track population trends across healthcare providers, and show the outcomes of policies and clinical- and community-based initiatives.

  • Enabling Successful Sharing of Behavioral Health through HIE (Monday March 5th, 10:45-11:45 am) - speakers Kate Horle, Chief Operations Officer, CORHIO and Toria Thompson, Behavioral Health Information Exchange Coordinator, CORHIO

    As healthcare focuses nationally on integrating physical health information with behavioral health and social determinant information HIEs are positioned to help support the integration of these previously disparate data sets. During this program participants will learn about the complexities, potential barriers and solutions being identified to enable the sharing of behavioral health information in their communities.

  • Community Interchange - The Importance of Expanding Interoperability (Tuesday March 6th 2:00 pm) by Mark Carlson, Medicity HIMSS18 Theatre

    CORHIO will discuss how the state of Colorado grew its HIE in connected hospitals, users and data types. By responding to the community needs/asks, they have developed many unique use cases. This session will explore those use cases, in particular University of Colorado Health and Department of Defense.

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