What in the world is a CHITA?

March 21st, 2018 | Published Under Practice Transformation by Staci Quesada

A Clinical Health Information Technical Advisor, or CHITA, is essentially a practice coach focusing on healthcare information technology. A CHITA’s role is to help a practice turn data into deliverables to be successful with alternative payment models. This benefits both patients and practices. From helping practices deliver their best care to maximizing income potential through accurately collecting and submitting data using an Electronic Health Record, CHITAs provide countless value.

CORHIO’s own CHITA, Terrey Parduhn, describes her role as a CHITA and how her teachings have benefitted the practices she’s worked with in the most recent SIM Innovation Insights podcast. “We will look at the data and how they’re using the EHR to input data and what kind of results they get out,” says Parduhn. “We will look at EHR reports and what kind of data they have and determine our baseline results. We’ll go in and do work on workflows and data validation around the measures.”

Listen to the podcast here and look for your own opportunities to work with CORHIO as a CHITA or Practice Facilitator in Clinical Quality Measures reporting for upcoming SIM cohorts or other initiatives.

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