Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Newsletters

August 2020 Program Years 2020, 2021 Openings Dates Announced; Upcoming MAPIR Changes

July 2020 Program Year 2019 Success; Pre-Payment Audits; Preparing for Future Program Years;

June 2020 Program Year 2019 Progress; Audit Communications; How to Stay Informed

May 2020
Program Year 2019 Tips for Successfully Attesting; Preparing for Future Program Years; Resources for Attesting

April 2020 COVID-19 Update; Documentation Tips and Requirements; New Standard Documentation for Objective 5-Patient Electronic Access to Health Information

March 2020 New Documentation Required for Objective 5; Differences Between the API Audit Log and the VDT and API Audit Log; Test to Determine if the MU Dashboard Report Tracked API

February 2020 New Documentation Requirements for Program Year 2019; Standard Documentation Required for Upload

January 2020 Program Year 2019 Opening Date; What to do Now for Program Year 2019; Creating an Audit Binder

December 2019 Top Five Reasons to Reach Stage 3 MU; Changes to Final Rule for Program Year 2020

November 2019 CMS Changes to Objectives 5, 6 and 7; Hospitals Complete Program; Projected 2019 Opening Date

October 2019 Program Year 2018 Lessons Learned; Provider Type Tips for Pediatricians; Provider Enrollment Bulletin

September 2019 Overview of Proposed Rule; Resources Available for Program Year 2019

August 2019 Audits Over Multiple Program Years; How Will the New Colorado NPI Law Effect Medicaid Providers?; Upgrading EHR Certification for Stage 3

July 2019 Submission Status Information; Let's Tackle Stage 3 Together; Upcoming MAPIR Changes

June 2019 Last Minute Attestation Issues; How to Track Your Submission; The Role of Myers and Stauffer

May 2019 Added Required Documentation – PY 2018; Preparing for Program Year 2019; Stage 3 Meaningful Use

April 2019 Dashboard Reporting for CQM Data; Supporting Your Attestation with Documentation; Webinars to Watch before Attesting

March 2019 New Remittance Advice Information; Post Attestation and Incentive Payment Audits; New Recorded Webinars

February 2019
Program Year 2018 Opening Announced; Requirements and Documentation for 2018; Clinical Decision Support Measure Tips

January 2019 Greenway Health Calculation Errors; New Program Resources

December 2018 Security Risk Analysis; Audit Binder Tips

November 2018 New Requirements for 2018; Stages Available for Program Year 2018; Program Year 2017 Lessons Learned

October 2018 Future Reporting Periods for Program Year 2018; Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Name Change;Tips When Updating Registrations at CMS; Newsletter Index Now Available Online

September 2018 Attestation Tip; Reminder About Payment Emails to Participants; Where to Find Up-to-Date Information; CMS Registration Status

August 2018 Eligibility Date Reminder; Attestations in Review; Required Documentation; When to Abort Applications

July 2018 Opening Date Announcement; Resources for Completing Your Program Year 2017 Attestation

June 2018 Program Year 2017 Opening Announcement; 2017 Eligibility Dates; Resources for Completing your 2017 Program Year Attestation

May 2018 Pre- and Post-Payment Tips; EHR Incentive Program Name Change; What’s New in PY2017?; IPPS Proposed Rule

April 2018 Program Year 2016 Payment Information; Tips for Program Year (PY) 2017 Success; Hiring Consultants

March 2018 Program Year 2016 Closing Preparations; Program Year 2016 Payments; Helpful Webinars

February 2018 Temporary Program Suspension; Reminder to Update Taxonomy, License, etc.; MAPIR Upgrade

January 2018 Gather your Information; Creating Individual Accounts on the CO R&A; Document Upload in MAPIR

December 2017 Attestation Deadline; Payment Processing; MAPIR Email Reminders; Accepted 2016 Eligibility Dates

November 2017 MAPIR System Updates and EHR Incentive Program Tips Page; Electronic Signature

October 2017 Creating Delegates; Signing as a Preparer; MAPIR Group Attestation Process

September 2017 EP PY 2016 Attestation Checklist; Encounters for non-Colorado Medicaid Patients; Department Website Resources

August 2017 Insurance Included in Calculating Medicaid Patient Volume; IPPS Final Rule; Reporting Changes for Clinical Quality Measures

July 2017 Hardship Application; Colorado Quality Payment Program; Update to Certified Health IT Product List

June 2017 Prepare for Program Year (PY) 2016 attestation; Documentation Needed to Attest; How to Format a PDF for Uploading

May 2017 Comments on Proposed Changes; New Tool for Clinicians to Determine Status in MIPS; Workbook Planning

April 2017 Invitation to Free Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Breakfast Event; Frequently Asked Questions; Simple Steps in Creating an Audit Binder for Each Program Year

March 2017 Focus on Immunization Registry Reporting Measure; The End of the Medicare EHR Incentive Program

February 2017 Which Stage of Meaningful Use are You In?; Vendor Reports Creating Confusion; Objective Changes for EPs and EHs; Verify Your Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) Number

January 2017 The New CO R&A Site; Is Meaningful Use Ending?; 90-Day Reporting Period for 2016 and 2017; Dually Eligible Clinicians; Exemptions from MIPS