CORHIO Healthcare Quality Improvement Team

Providing expert consultation services in the areas of practice transformation, clinical health information technical advising, patient-centered medical home, promoting interoperability, practice coaching and more.


Please Note: CORHIO's Transformation Support Services team is now called the Healthcare Quality Improvement team in order to better reflect industry terminology and what our team of expert consultants do to help the Colorado healthcare community.



Lauren Girard

Healthcare Quality Improvement Director

Lauren Girard is the Senior Healthcare Quality Improvement Director at CORHIO. She is a Practice Facilitator and Clinical Health IT Advisor for several grant programs which focus on integrated care and the quadruple aim. Lauren strives to prepare clinicians for successful achievement of compensation that require new models of care delivery, effective care coordination and demonstrated value of care.

Working with practices that are both primary care and specialty care, she is a trusted advisor on utilization of electronic health records, quality improvement and reporting, workflow and new payment models, including the Quality Payment Program (QPP - MIPS).

Lauren is leading the technical assistance for the electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) program with the Medicaid Alternative Payment Model (APM). Lauren has a thorough understanding of clinical quality measures, cost of care measures, privacy regulations for patient data exchange including 42CFR Part 2 and HIPAA. With training in risk coding and facilitation for practices interested in Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, Lauren brings many skills to the practices she works with. Lauren’s previous experience was as a Practice Facilitator and Advisor.

When Lauren works with a practice she says, "I love knowing that I am helping the practice succeed with their grant programs or alternative payment models while also improving the health of their patient population and having an impact on community wellness."



Leslie Taylor

Senior Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor

Leslie Taylor is a Senior Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor at CORHIO. She is an accomplished healthcare professional with extensive experience in health information technology, data extraction/validation, practice coaching, project management and practice/provider training.

As a Certified Content Expert (CCE) in NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home, Leslie assists practices that strive to become NCQA certified medical homes. Leslie supports statewide initiatives, providing training to practices treating patients with alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder with the goal of improving screening and adoption of medication assisted treatment or other modes of support for the patient.  

Prior to joining CORHIO, Leslie worked as a Health IT Quality Improvement Specialist and an Application Support Specialist. She holds a BS in Healthcare Administration and continually strives to learn the latest in the healthcare field.

When asked what inspires her work, Leslie’s response was, "Helping practices navigate the complex challenges of our healthcare system and providing them with the tools, data and knowledge to be successful.”




Terrey Parduhn

Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor

As a Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor for CORHIO, Terrey uses her expertise in data validation and reporting to assist the practices she works with as a Clinical Health Technical Advisor, or CHITA. Terrey's expertise is utilized in federally funded programs helping primary care practices integrate mental health for their patient populations.  Working with practices that are both primary care and specialty care, she is a trusted advisor on utilization of electronic health records, quality improvements and reporting, workflow and new payment models, including the Quality Payment Program (QPP -MIPS). Terrey has also worked as a Senior Health Information Solution Coordinator for Telligen. During her time with CORHIO, Terrey has assisted  practices in reaching their data reporting goals.

"I love working with practices to help them understand their data, how to pull it and take meaningful action to improve their quality measures," says Terrey. "Assisting them with a deeper dive into their data allows us to understand the root cause for measures they are looking at improving."




Megan Reilly

Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor

With project management and practice management expertise ranging from workflow process improvement to implementing Team-Based Care, Megan’s experience as a practice manager and HIPAA compliance officer has led her to success as a Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor for CORHIO. In her role at CORHIO, Megan has supported the State Innovation Model as a Practice Facilitator and Clinical Health IT Advisor.  She currently supports the Innovation Support Project as a Practice Facilitator, the eCQM Solution as a Technical Advisor and assists in implementing PatientCare 360© in correctional facilities.

Megan holds a Master of Healthcare Administration from Colorado State University and was practice manager at a south metro pediatric practice. Megan assisted the practice in reaching Meaningful Use in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program as well as leading their charge in reaching NCQA PCMH recognition.

When asked what motivates her to come to work every day Megan says, “I’m motivated to help our community partners succeed at providing the best care possible though healthcare quality improvement thus making a difference in the lives of people by improving their health.”





Jolene Reini

Healthcare Quality Improvement Advisor

Jolene Reini joined CORHIO with over 20 years of experience in healthcare and an extensive background in practice management. In her prior role, Jolene was the HIPAA compliance officer, project manager,  and quality improvement leader at a pediatric practice. She also worked with the State Innovation Model on the practice side. She currently supports practices participating in the Innovation Support Project as a Practice Facilitator. She also supports practices in quality improvement, electronic health records utilization, and creation of workflows to standardize care, support practice quality measures, and provide optimal patient care.

When asked about working in healthcare Jolene says, “I love being able to come to work and support practices in developing workflows and follow best practice guidelines to provide the best patient care for their patient population.  Healthcare is always changing, and as such, medical professionals need to grow and change with it in order to provide the best patient care.”



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