CORHIO Announces Additions to Executive Team

Date: October 26th, 2016Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: CORHIO Governance & Leadership


As CORHIO positions the organization to keep pace with the fast-growing healthcare technology industry, two new roles have been created and filled by current CORHIO leadership and a third role has been filled on the executive team.

As our customers and the Colorado healthcare community seek new technologies and solutions to help them succeed in accountable and value-based care models, CORHIO has plans to expand our data-driven products and services in 2017 and beyond. To better manage these initiatives and keep pace with both internal and external growth, CORHIO has expanded its leadership team.  

New Executive Roles

Kelly Joines has been named CORHIO’s Chief Strategy Officer. CORHIO’s extraordinary growth has created a significant number of new opportunities and markets to expand HIE products and services. Kelly's ability to structure and operationalize complex ecosystems will provide CORHIO with the leadership to continue innovating in the national health information exchange space.

Kate Horle has been named CORHIO’s Chief Operations Officer. Kate will lead CORHIO’s Outreach, Marketing, and Transformation Support Services teams, while maintaining her key role in our state, federal, and public policy initiatives. Her leadership in this role will ensure CORHIO continues to expand its brand and market presence, while also influencing national HIE/HIT growth and initiatives. 

Robert Denson has been named the new Chief Information Officer, replacing Kelly Joines in that role. Robert’s previous role as Vice President of Operations, reporting to the CIO, as well as his strong healthcare privacy and security experience, positions him to move seamlessly in to managing CORHIO’s day-to-day technology implementations and operations, as well as driving its growing innovations position.

“CORHIO, along with the entire state of Colorado, is experiencing significant growth – both in the sheer volume of health information exchange users and data senders and in new technologies and services we are offering to the healthcare community,” says Morgan Honea CORHIO CEO. “To accelerate the multitude of efforts we have undertaken, we are pleased to announce a restructured executive team that I believe will deliver success for CORHIO as we pursue our mission and move into 2017.”