An Open Letter From Our CEO Morgan Honea

Date: March 31st, 2020Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: COVID-19

To Our Colorado Community,

Like many of you, the team at CORHIO has been working around the clock to support the collective efforts to combat COVID-19. I can’t express enough our sincere appreciation for our healthcare workers, health systems, safety net clinics, local public health departments, EMS agencies, corporate partners, and State leaders for all of the work that you’re doing! I tell people often that it is not the easy times in life that define your character and we are certainly getting to see everyone’s true character as we come together to combat this pandemic.

At CORHIO, we’ve been working across the continuum to advocate on your behalf to ensure that critical resources flow to our local communities while also working on technical solutions to support your efforts. We have spent time with every member of Colorado’s federal delegation to communicate the importance of vital resources flowing into Colorado. We’ve also been working across State departments in an effort to coordinate our response with the multitude of initiatives that are underway.

This week, we will be pushing out COVID-19 notifications to our network to ensure that our participants are getting the most up-to-date information possible on their patients. In order to do this, we’re working with our major reference lab providers to expand their data feeds to CORHIO as well as working with CDPHE to receive results for the testing that they are providing.

We’re also working closely with the Colorado Hospital Association and CDPHE to develop real-time insights into hospital bed availability across the state. This is a function that has historically been a manual reporting process that can instead leverage the CORHIO infrastructure to provide real-time insights. This work is critical as we work to coordinate care for individuals, but also the resources available to care for the entire population.

As always, the fastest and easiest way for our participants to view real-time labs and health information is through our provider portal, PatientCare 360. As we work to expedite network connectivity, we’ll be focusing on getting as many people connected to this functionality as possible to ensure health information is available regardless of the care setting. Coupled with our notifications work, these two services will be critical to informing our broader healthcare system.

Like many organizations across the country, we have moved our entire staff to working remotely. I strongly believe this is the most socially responsible decision that we can make to ensure that we’re not fueling the spread of COVID-19. Despite this, all of our operations are functioning at 100% with our support services on call for any of our participants’ needs, our Transformation Support Services providing virtual technical assistance and our operations teams working around the clock to keep people connected and new services coming.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that we come together as individuals, organizations, and communities to get ourselves to better days! As such, CORHIO stands ready to support you and our network in any way possible.

Thank you to all of our healthcare workers out there working tirelessly to combat this pandemic! Please keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy as we all work together to navigate this incredibly challenging situation.


Morgan Honea, CEO