Healthcare Delivery System Sees Enhanced Patient Insights with COVID-19 Lab Notifications

Date: July 24th, 2020Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: Mobile Health, Care Coordination, CORHIO Notifications, COVID-19


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CareMore and Aspire Health were among the first organizations to apply CORHIO’s COVID-19 Lab Notifications to ensure real-time updates about their patients. The service communicates test results that may be missed by other data streams to improve outreach efforts.  

CareMore and Aspire provide mobile health services to approximately 3,000 Medicare patients in Metro Denver and surrounding areas. Outside of Colorado, CareMore and Aspire serve more than 180,000 patients across 34 states and the District of Columbia. CareMore and Aspire Health, an integrated care delivery system which provides care to high-risk patients with complex needs, implemented CORHIO’s COVID-19 Lab Notifications in their Colorado region as part of their direct response to the coronavirus pandemic. The care delivery system began using CORHIO Notifications and PatientCare 360 last year. 

Operating as an extension of primary care in Colorado, the care delivery system supports primary care providers in the area by providing complex patients with advanced care, including chronic disease management, to keep patients healthy at home and out of the hospital whenever possible. In addition to in-person medical care, CareMore offers a 24/7 on-call medical advice line.

“When we see patients showing up to the emergency department for needs that we can manage virtually or in the home, we reach out to let them know we are available to help,” says Bruce Smith, MD, FACP, CareMore Health’s Colorado associate regional medical officer. “As patients understand that we are here to address urgent needs as well as chronic medical problems, they call us first to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department.”

Information from CORHIO tools help the Colorado team brainstorm appropriate interventions to care for patients based on their needs. The COVID-19 Lab Notifications, as well as PatientCare 360, inform weekly huddles where the most high-risk patients are discussed, and the multi-disciplinary care team determines the best way to support patients’ unique medical, social and emotional – and sometimes financial – needs.

Lizzy Kneller, Colorado community health worker, says the COVID-19 Lab Notifications have been valuable to the community health worker program in Colorado.

“The notifications allow us to reach out to patients regardless of their test results, to discuss additional programs and services available to the patient and offer our support,” she says.

COVID-19 Lab Notifications

The COVID-19 Lab Notifications service is available at no upfront cost to qualified participants. It includes the “COVID-19 Daily Report,” which delivers specific lab results in daily batch files and relevant demographics and disposition relating to the patient, the ordering provider, and test facility, and “COVID-19 Lab Feed,” with real-time, member-based test results delivered to the user.