A Closer Look at Health Information Exchange Benefits for Pediatric Providers

Date: May 26th, 2022Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: CORHIO Network, Pediatrics, Quality Improvement, Contexture

Webinar highlights health information technology tools that make a difference

Pediatric providers benefit from health information exchange (HIE) in a number of ways, with positive implications for their patients, staff and reimbursements.

During an April 27 live webinar, Contexture’s Dana Ackerman and Megan Reilly explained how participants can harness the power of Health Information Exchange (HIE) to save time while making faster, more accurate clinical decisions.

The presentation demonstrated how providers can use real-time Notifications, EHR Results Delivery and PatientCare 360® to access essential information about a patient’s history and ongoing medical needs.

In addition, the presentation highlighted how Contexture’s Quality Improvement Team could assist pediatric practices navigating through an ever-evolving healthcare system.

Real-Life Examples
Noting that not all pediatricians are credentialed at hospitals, Contexture Sales Manager Dana Ackerman showed how PatientCare 360 (Contexture’s secure web-based portal) gives pediatric offices access to newborn screens and delivery records for “well-baby” check-ups in the weeks and months after birth.

Through PatientCare 360, pediatric providers can customize preferences and view a summary of lab results, images, allergies to find information that isn’t available on hospital records.

For example, Ackerman explained how Contexture’s Notifications lets pediatricians know that a baby has arrived and gives them a chance to plan a follow-up visit.

Another Contexture product, Results Delivery, gives providers the ability to access patient results at the point of care without having to log into a separate computer system.

Quality Improvement Services
To help HIE users make the best use of this data, Contexture’s Quality Improvement Team consists of highly qualified professionals with expertise in electronic health record system selection and adoption, clinical and quality reporting for improved reimbursements.

During the webinar, Contexture’s Director of Quality Improvement Megan Reilly talked about how the team helps pediatric providers understand how to use HIE to improve performance ratings and transition to value-based care models. She also discussed financial incentives for providers who submit care summaries and participate in the HIE.

Next Steps
To learn more about how Contexture can improve operations for pediatric providers, contact dana.ackerman@contexture.org. For information about Contexture’s Quality Improvement services, contact megan.reilly@contexture.org.

View the recorded webinar on Contexture’s YouTube channel.