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  • New Video Explores How Health Information Exchange Is Improving Patient Care in Colorado

    Date: October 15th, 2014Topics: Care Coordination, Physician Workflow, CORHIO Network
    Colorado’s health care community has pulled together to make our state a leader in health information exchange (HIE). Our health systems, hospitals, laboratories, physician groups, solo practitioners, emergency services, and payers are adopting HIE technology in record numbers to share vital patient information and improve care. A new video from CORHIO highlights the improvements happening right now as a result of secure sharing of patient information among community providers.
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  • CORHIO Welcomes Four New Members to Board of Directors

    Date: October 15th, 2014Topics: CORHIO Governance & Leadership
    Starting this month, four new CORHIO Board of Director members begin their terms of service to help guide our organization’s mission to improve health information exchange in Colorado. Patrick Gillies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jason Greer of Colorado Community Managed Care Network, Michelle Mills of Colorado Rural Health Center, and Alexis Sgouros of Kaiser Permanente have joined CORHIO’s Board of Directors, effective October 1st.
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  • Are We Close to Having Bidirectional Behavioral Health Data Exchange in Colorado?

    Date: October 15th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network, Behavioral Health
    Exchanging behavioral health data is imperative to improving care coordination for these vulnerable patients – but doing so carefully within current boundaries of the regulations will take some time and a concerted effort. Here’s an update on progress so far. Since early 2014, CORHIO has been convening a Behavioral Health Information Exchange Work Group with participations from state health officials, behavioral health centers, private physician practices, and other relevant membership organizations.
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  • Meaningful Use Final Rule Summary for Eligible Providers

    Date: September 17th, 2014Topics: EHRs, Meaningful Use
    On August 29th, The Department of Health and Human Services published modifications to the EHR Incentive Programs and the timing of Stage 2. The final rule acknowledged that some providers are having a difficult time attesting due to EHR 2014 product delays and shortcomings and provides a new timeline and options to help providers with this issue. Here's what you need to know.
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  • Direct Messaging DOs and DON’Ts

    Date: September 17th, 2014Topics: Meaningful Use, Direct Messaging
    Direct messaging is a secure way to send protected health information electronically from provider to provider. Mainly due to Meaningful Use, Direct messaging usage is on a sharp rise. In Colorado, there are a few different ways you can get a Direct messaging address. Two main ways are through CORHIO (free for participants) or through your electronic health record company (ideal if you want to use Direct to meet Meaningful Use). Regardless of how you obtain your Direct messaging address, here are some recommendations for using it to improve patient care.
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  • Critical Access Hospital Connects to HIE

    Date: September 17th, 2014Topics: CORHIO Network, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems, Critical Access Hospitals
    Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) is a 25-bed critical access hospital in a picturesque town at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park. The town of Estes Park is more than 30 miles of twisting canyon road away from the nearest large, full-service hospital. It could take nearly an hour — or more in bad weather — to reach the closest facility. So for emergency care, the town’s 6,000 residents and three million annual visitors depend heavily on EPMC. But the hospital is more than just an urgent care clinic or a small CAH with limited services, it’s one of the most sophisticated CAHs in the state.
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  • City of Longmont Aims to Reduce Unnecessary ER Visits Through Primary Care Intervention and HIE

    Date: August 20th, 2014Topics: Population Health, Primary Care, Emergency Services
    The recently formed Longmont Community Health Network will help patients with complex medical conditions better manage their care with the help of medical history from the CORHIO network. Many of the patients referred to the Longmont Community Health Network haven’t seen their primary care physician in years, but have been to the emergency department, potentially anywhere in the state. The Longmont Community Health Network plans to utilize the CORHIO network to investigate what’s been happening with their patients to better inform their care interventions.
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  • CORHIO Exec. Director Calls on ONC to Address Barriers to HIE

    Date: August 20th, 2014Topics: HIE, EHRs
    Morgan Honea testified at an ONC listening session about the industry’s slower than anticipated progress on HIE and interoperability. During the hearing, Honea suggested that the ONC consider monitoring for-profit EHR vendors because some appear to be employing tactics that intentionally slow the growth of HIE as part of their overall business strategy. For example, inflated costs for HIE interfaces charged by EHR vendors have resulted in slower adoption of HIE.
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  • More Than 250 Providers in Northern Colorado Join the Health Information Exchange

    Date: July 16th, 2014Topics: CORHIO Network
    Care providers working at one of Banner Medical Group’s 70 locations will soon have access to expanded patient medical information in the Community Health Record available through CORHIO. So when a patient visits another hospital or medical laboratory in almost any part of the state, the Banner physicians can access the details of that visit, including lab and pathology results, radiology reports, and hospital discharge summaries.
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  • Schryver Medical Lab Now Sending Test Results Into the Community Health Record

    Date: July 16th, 2014Topics: Long-Term Care, CORHIO Network
    Now that Schryver Medical is sending laboratory test results into the health information exchange (HIE), long-term and post-acute care providers will have access to that information via the secure PatientCare 360 portal. Having a complete picture of the patient’s care helps to smooth the “patient handoff” that can often be stressful and rushed for both the patient and provider.
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  • Your Feedback Requested: Proposed Changes to Meaningful Use from CMS

    Date: June 18th, 2014Topics: EHRs, Meaningful Use, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    CORHIO is collecting your feedback on the proposed modifications to the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs for 2014 including certification options and the delay of stage 3. The proposed rule would provide options for Meaningful Use (MU) Eligible Professionals (EP), Eligible Hospitals (EH) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) to use earlier editions of certified EHR technology (CEHRT) for 2014 MU reporting in addition to finalizing the delay of Stage 3.
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  • Health Information Exchange Helps Drive Accountable Care in Colorado

    Date: June 18th, 2014Topics: Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, Hospital Readmissions, Accountable Care
    True innovation is happening all over Colorado in our health systems and communities. Throughout the state, there are many examples of people coming together in a community to tackle lowering health care costs and improving patient outcomes. One such group is Community Health Partnership, a coalition of health care providers working together to coordinate care for approximately 89,000 patients in the central geographical area of the state, many of whom have multiple conditions requiring care by multiple doctors.
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  • Direct Messaging Update: CORHIO Successfully Connects With Out-of-State and National HISPs

    Date: May 14th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network, Direct Messaging
    Imagine this scenario: one of your long-time patients with chronic heart disease travels to Kansas to visit family. During that visit, he is rushed to an emergency room with chest pains and admitted for observation. After he returns home, he calls your office to make an appointment for follow-up care. He does not have paperwork from the hospital to share with you. How can you quickly get a summary of the Kansas hospitalization?
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  • SCL Health System Now Connected to CORHIO HIE

    Date: May 14th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems
    Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lutheran Medical Center and Saint Joseph Hospital have joined 32 other hospitals across Colorado to improve care coordination. SCL Health System is currently sending admit, discharge and transfer (ADT) information and radiology and transcription data to CORHIO. In a few weeks pathology information will be added, and later this fall, lab results will be transmitted into the CORHIO network.
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  • CORHIO Participants Exceed 40,000 Immunizations Reported to CIIS Using HIE

    Date: May 14th, 2014Topics: EHRs, Meaningful Use, Public Health Reporting
    The public health Meaningful Use immunization reporting objective is required under Stage 2 for all eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals (EHs) that administer immunizations in their facilities. The immunization registry measure has also changed under Stage 2; instead of submitting a test file to CIIS, EPs and EHs must achieve ongoing submission of electronic immunization data from their EHR systems to CIIS. Another option is for providers to send data to CIIS through the secure CORHIO network.
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  • CORHIO Announces New Executive Director

    Date: April 16th, 2014Topics: CORHIO Governance & Leadership
    The CORHIO board of directors has announced the selection of Morgan Honea to lead the organization as Executive Director. Honea has held the CEO position at Plains Medical Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center with four locations in eastern Colorado, for nearly four years. Honea will assume the executive leadership role with CORHIO on May 1.
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  • Reminder: 9Health Fair Results Available in Community Health Record

    Date: April 16th, 2014Topics: HIE, PatientCare 360, Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, CORHIO Network
    This is the second year 9Health Fair has partnered with CORHIO to make their lab results available in the CORHIO Community Health Record via Quest Diagnostics. Providers participating in the CORHIO network can now check the Community Health Record in PatientCare 360 to see if patient results are available in the system.
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  • Colorado Springs Military Health System Joins HIE

    Date: April 16th, 2014Topics: HIE, Military Health, CORHIO Network
    Evans Army Community Hospital and medical clinics at U.S. Air Force Academy and Peterson and Schriever Air Force bases have begun accessing patient health data via the CORHIO HIE. The first phase allows qualified military health personnel to access HIE information in order to better coordinate care for military patients that have recently been seen by civilian providers. The second phase will allow the military health system to share patient information with civilian providers caring for military personnel.
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  • One of Boulder’s Largest Physician Groups Joining the CORHIO HIE

    Date: March 19th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network
    All three office locations of Boulder Medical Center are in the process of connecting with the CORHIO health information exchange (HIE), including more than 65 physicians and several other providers. Boulder Medical Center is a large physician-owned organization that offers 20 specialty departments, with a focus on primary care, allergy, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedics, podiatry, surgery, and urology. They will integrate clinical patient data from the HIE into their NextGen electronic health record (EHR) system. In addition, they will utilize CORHIO’s secure Web portal in their urgent care department to search for information on patients with no records from their facilities.
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  • Health Information Exchange Expands to Trinidad, Colo.

    Date: March 19th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems, Critical Access Hospitals
    Mt. San Rafael Hospital and Clinic are taking an innovative approach to medical records and care coordination. Both facilities have signed on to participate in the CORHIO HIE, but not in a typical fashion. Mt. San Rafael Hospital has decided to send clinical results data to their clinic via the CORHIO system. As a second phase of the project, the hospital itself will have access to these data results via CORHIO’s PatientCare 360® secure online portal. So they are in essence creating a truly bidirectional and interoperable system of health information exchange within their network. The hospital will be one of the first critical access hospitals in the state to connect to CORHIO.
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  • One Group’s Meaningful Use Journey

    Date: March 19th, 2014Topics: EHRs, Meaningful Use, Regional Extension Center
    Two groups of physicians in the Denver area, IMMUNOe Health Centers and Horizon Pediatrics and Primary Care, were looking forward to earning incentive money for their Greenway EHR purchase. They had gathered all the necessary paperwork and submitted their attestation to the first stage of the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program called “Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade (AIU).” The attestation for this multispecialty group of allergy, asthma, immunology, pediatrics, and primary care physicians was a bit complex, but they felt confident they had done it right.
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  • Hospitals Participating in Health Information Exchange Order Fewer Redundant Tests

    Date: February 19th, 2014Topics: HIE, Duplicate Testing
    A new study from the University of Michigan, published in Medical Care, uncovered that emergency department physicians of hospitals participating in health information exchange (HIE) are ordering fewer repeat tests. The study analyzed data from 2007 to 2010 in two large states – California and Florida – that were early adopters of HIE. It compared 37 emergency departments that participated in HIE during the study period to 410 emergency departments that did not.
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  • Kaiser Permanente Colorado, State’s Largest Nonprofit Health Plan, Joins CORHIO

    Date: February 19th, 2014Topics: HIE, CORHIO Network
    Kaiser Permanente Colorado has signed an agreement to participate in CORHIO’s health information exchange (HIE) network. Participation in the CORHIO HIE provides Kaiser Permanente’s physicians and other clinical caregivers with additional information on their members when care is provided outside of the health plan’s centralized network. Kaiser Permanente plans to initially utilize the HIE information for members in southern Colorado, including Colorado Springs and Pueblo, and hopes to later expand to other parts of the state.
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  • Patients in Centura Health Emergency Rooms Benefitting from HIE

    Date: February 19th, 2014Topics: HIE, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems, Emergency Services
    Physicians in five Centura Health emergency departments, staffed by APEX Emergency Group, are now accessing their patients’ lab results and health histories from the CORHIO health information exchange (HIE) network, which includes clinical data on more than 3.2 million unique patients in Colorado. When emergency room physicians can instantly pull up a patient’s longitudinal health record, they can more quickly diagnose and treat patients as well as potentially prevent life-threatening complications including drug interactions and allergic reactions.
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  • Free Download: Common Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in Health Information Technology

    Date: January 15th, 2014Topics: Health IT
    Ever wonder what a PHR is? Or what the difference is between an EHR and an EMR? CORHIO has the answers! Download our comprehensive list of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in health information technology, which will help you speak the confusing language of health IT.
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