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  • Health Information Exchange is a Key to Better Transitions, Better Outcomes and Cost Savings

    Date: July 1st, 2014Source: LeadingAge MagazineTopics: HIE, Value-Based Care, Long-Term Care, Transitions of Care
    In today’s health care environment, the smooth transition of patients between settings has become critical to achieving the triple aim of improved outcomes at lower cost and with better patient experiences. Even so, long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers often lack complete medical information about the people they admit. Most providers still rely on fax and phone communication, rather than using an electronic health information exchange (HIE), which moves clinical information among providers, using national standards, while maintaining the integrity of the data.
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  • How Health Information Exchange Fits Into Population Health

    Date: June 5th, 2014Source: EHR IntelligenceTopics: HIE, Population Health
    The continuum of care is extensive landscape and many patients are beginning to encounter its many different settings as the healthcare industry continues to evolve, both on its own and by mandate. Although the patient is being moved to the center as part of healthcare reform, it is the health of an entire patient population that is gaining more and more attention.
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  • Three SCL Health System Hospitals Join CORHIO

    Date: May 20th, 2014Source: Modern Healthcare (free registration may be required to view)Topics: CORHIO Network, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems
    Three Denver-area hospitals in the SCL Health System have connected their electronic health-record systems to the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization to help them coordinate the care of patients with other healthcare organizations in the Denver and Boulder (Colo.) area. The three are 190-bed Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, 380-bed Exempla Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge and 369-bed Exempla St. Joseph Hospital in Denver.
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  • Military Health System Enters Colorado’s Health Information Exchange

    Date: May 2nd, 2014Source: The MERCURY, an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army Medical DepartmentTopics: Military Health, CORHIO Network
    The recently established Defense Health Agency’s Colorado Springs Military Health System has entered the state’s health information exchange (HIE) which is a formal way to improve medical information flow between military and civilian providers.
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  • EHR Vendors Lag in Stage 2 Upgrades

    Date: May 2nd, 2014Source: Healthcare IT NewsTopics: EHRs, Meaningful Use, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    Attesting to Stage 2 meaningful use in 2014 may be difficult to come by for small and mid-sized provider groups, with one big reason being the electronic health record vendors' dilatory pace in actually upgrading their systems. "We've seen a ton of progress with EHR adoption since 2010," said Erin Dormaier, program manager for CFMC. "But this year the challenge is the 2014 upgrade."
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  • Mobile Medical Unit Brings the ER to the Patient

    Date: March 28th, 2014Source: Denver Business JournalTopics: CORHIO Network, Emergency Services
    As health-care leaders look for ways to reduce costs, True North Health Navigation officials believe they’ve found a way to eliminate one of the most hated health expenses — the price tag for carting people to a hospital emergency room in an ambulance, often for non-emergency situations.
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  • Using Technology to Reinvent the House Call

    Date: March 27th, 2014Source: Integrated Healthcare Delivery & EMS WorldTopics: HIE, Health IT, Emergency Services
    In the old days when physicians made house calls, they often had the advantage of knowing their patients. They were familiar with their past medical history, medications and test results because they had been their sole medical provider. Although this model is a good one, it’s been impractical in the modern world—until now. Last year, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) and True North Health Navigation teamed up to provide Colorado’s first-ever mobile emergency medical unit with access to patient medical information.
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  • Military Providers Join Colorado Health Information Exchange

    Date: March 27th, 2014Source: Modern Healthcare (free registration may be required to view)Topics: Military Health, CORHIO Network
    Healthcare providers in the Defense Department's Military Health System in Colorado are joining that state's civilian-sponsored health information exchange, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, the Defense Health Agency has announced. The new health information exchange participants are Evans Army Community Hospital, Fort Carson, and the medical clinics at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base and Schriever Air Force Base, all in Colorado Springs.
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  • CORHIO Aims to Reduce ER Visits Through HIE

    Date: March 14th, 2014Source: Healthcare InformaticsTopics: HIE, Emergency Services
    The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) has opened its health information exchange (HIE) to True North Health Navigation—a mobile emergency medical unit—to allow access to vital patient information through the HIE. While en route to non-life-threatening 911 calls, True North Health Navigation practitioners have access to complete patient medical histories, including recent treatments and medications. This allows practitioners to diagnose and treat patients with greater accuracy and safety while eliminating the cost of unnecessary trips to the emergency room, according to officials.
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  • Moving Forward on Image-Sharing in Colorado—CORHIO’s New Thrust

    Date: March 3rd, 2014Source: Healthcare InformaticsTopics: CORHIO Network, Image Sharing
    The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) has been moving forward on numerous fronts. Already, more than 1,900 office-based providers, 47 hospitals, and 126 long-term and post-acute care facilities are now connected to each other via the Denver-based health information exchange (HIE). What’s more, CORHIO was one of 16 HIEs in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain States announcing in February that they were coming together as the Mid-States Consortium of Health Information Organizations
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  • Use the ARM: Mobile medicine helps low-acuity patients

    Date: February 21st, 2014Source: Journal of Emergency Medical ServicesTopics: HIE, Care Coordination, Emergency Services
    The Denver metro area isn’t Gotham City. It doesn’t have Batman or Robin or the Riddler, but it does have the Batmobile. A gadget-laden EMS Batmobile to be exact. And it would make even Batman envious.
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  • 16 HIOs to Collaborate on More Robust Exchange

    Date: February 20th, 2014Source: FierceHealthITTopics: HIE, Interoperability
    Sixteen health information organizations (HIOs) in Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states are teaming up to address the toughest issues limiting data sharing from a highly mobile populace.Their goal is to ensure that patients' information follows them, no matter where they go, according to an announcement. Though some of the organizations share data through DIRECT technology and query-based exchange, differing state laws, patient consent policies and approaches to sharing protected health information still present barriers to letting patient records follow them as they travel.
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  • Kaiser Permanente Inks Big HIE Deal

    Date: February 19th, 2014Source: Healthcare IT NewsTopics: CORHIO Network, Health Plans
    Colorado's largest nonprofit health plan has solidified a deal with the state's regional health information exchange, agreeing to participate in the network going forward. Kaiser Permanente Colorado, which currently serves some 545,000 members, announced Tuesday it would be the first health plan in the state to join the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, a deal which officials say will provide Kaiser physicians with holistic data on their members when care is provided outside of the health plan's network
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  • Sixteen HIOs to Form Consortium for Better HIE Creation

    Date: February 19th, 2014Source: EHR IntelligenceTopics: HIE, Interoperability
    Sixteen health information organizations (HIOs) in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states have joined to create the Mid-States Consortium of Health Information Organizations. The group seeks to improve patient care through the use of health information exchanges (HIEs), push for more forms of HIEs including query-based HIE, and support HIE and technology use in rural areas.
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  • 16 Regional HIOs Partner to Address Data Exchange Challenges

    Date: February 19th, 2014Source: Becker's Hospital ReviewTopics: HIE, Interoperability
    Sixteen regional health information exchange organizations from throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountains states have banded together to address the challenges of exchanging patient information across state and regional lines. The new partnership, called the Mid-States Consortium of Health Information Organizations, will advocate for HIE models, like query-based exchanges, that better allow patient information to be accessed outside of the patient's home state or region. The consortium will also focus on the unique HIE needs of rural providers in these states.
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  • The CEO View of Health IT

    Date: February 3rd, 2014Source: Health Data Management - Free registration required to viewTopics: Health IT
    Ask chief executive officers of provider organizations for their views on health information technology and you'll get the same answer again and again: It's all about better, accountable and patient-centered care. And that means it's all about interoperability and data.
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  • Grant Boosts Behavioral Health Care Coordination for Colorado HIE

    Date: January 24th, 2014Source: Healthcare InformaticsTopics: Care Coordination, Behavioral Health
    The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) is boosting its health information exchange (HIE) with a grant that will enable primary care providers to be better coordinated with behavioral healthcare practitioners. The Rose Foundation, a nonprofit based in Denver, has awarded its second grant to CORHIO in this area. With this latest funding, the RHIO can improve the HIE's technical infrastructure to improve care for behavioral health patients.
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  • Colorado Behavioral Health Exchange Receives Grant to Expand

    Date: January 23rd, 2014Source: EHR IntelligenceTopics: HIE, Behavioral Health
    The Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO) has received a grant from the Rose Community Foundation to improve its behavioral health information exchange (HIE). Through the HIE, healthcare professionals can share patient information and provide better patient care.
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  • Colorado is an Early Adopter in Health IT

    Date: November 1st, 2013Source: Northern Colorado Business ReportTopics: Health IT, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems
    Colorado doctors and hospitals are outpacing the national average in their adoption of electronic medical records. Despite substantial costs and downtime associated with installation and training, Colorado's adoption rate is about 74 percent, meaning that nearly three-quarters of providers are now using them. The national average is 72 percent, according to data provided by the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, or CORHIO, a health-information exchange working to establish electronic connections between the state's providers.
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  • CORHIO Connects State's Largest Medical Labs to HIE

    Date: September 11th, 2013Source: EHR IntelligenceTopics: CORHIO Network, Laboratories
    Add another milestone to the achievements of the Colorado Regional Health Information Organizations (CORHIO) after it has added the largest medical laboratories in the state to participate in statewide health information exchange. According to an announcement by the Colorado network, Quest Diagnostics is now connected to CORHIO, joining Labcorp, Colorado Laboratory Services (CLS), and nearly all of the state’s large hospital laboratories as active participants on the CORHIO HIE network.
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  • Statewide HIEs: The Development of a Sustainable Model

    Date: September 6th, 2013Source: Becker's Hospital ReviewTopics: HIE, Interoperability
    In March 2010, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT awarded 56 states, eligible territories and qualified state designated entities grant money to develop health information exchanges. These grants fostered the development of many HIEs that have succeeded in joining physicians and hospitals together for data exchange. The more than $9 million from ONC, along with the selection of a technology vendor, allowed the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization to "ramp up" operations, says CEO Larry Wolk, MD. CORHIO now has 45 hospitals participating with the network, including all hospitals in the state with more than 100 beds, and many behavioral health centers and office-based physicians. The HIE currently has data on 2.5 million patients — half of the state's total population of 5 million.
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  • Be Prepared: Lessons from an Extended Outage of a Hospital’s EHR System

    Date: August 30th, 2013Source: Healthcare InformaticsTopics: HIE, EHRs, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems
    If your hospital has deployed an electronic health record (EHR) system, you probably have a contingency plan in the event of a system outage. After all, computing systems go down, and when an EHR system is not working, it affects nearly every aspect of a hospital’s operations, from patient care to admissions to finance to supply chain and more.
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  • Colorado CIO Interview: Health Information Exchange in Colorado

    Date: August 28th, 2013Source: Health System CIOTopics: HIE, CORHIO Network, Colorado Hospitals & Health Systems, Colorado Healthcare Leaders
    Although Steve Shirley believes the 30 years he spent in banking was a “great prep career” for health IT, he admits he still had a lot to learn when he took the helm as CIO at Parkview Medical Center in 2009. So he decided to start rounding to strengthen his knowledge of all things clinical, and he hasn’t stopped. In this interview, Shirley talks about the paradigm shift required to migrate to Meditech 6.0, how he’s working to bridge the gap between the IT and clinical worlds, his mobile device management strategy, and the “progressive” HIE landscape in Colorado.
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  • Multifaceted MD to Lead Colorado Public Health Department

    Date: August 23rd, 2013Source: Government Health ITTopics: Colorado Healthcare Leaders, CORHIO Governance & Leadership
    The incoming executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is steeped in medicine, insurance and most recently health information exchange. A University of Vermont-educated medical doctor, Wolk worked at the medical director of ambulatory pediatrics and adolescent medicine at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, for five years, and then went on to work in insurance, as senior medical creditor of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado and as senior healthcare executive at Cigna. Then he spent five years as president and COO of Correctional Healthcare Companies, a criminal justice healthcare contractor working in 27 states, with corporate headquarters outside of Denver. For the last year, Wolk has worked as the executive director of CORHIO, the state-designated health information exchange, which now has every large hospital in the state participating.
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  • Health Information Exchanges to Benefit Payers, Injured Workers

    Date: July 29th, 2013Source: WorkCompCentral - subscription required to view full articleTopics: HIE, Health Plans
    The use of health information exchanges that link medical records systems of hospitals, doctors, laboratories and other health care providers have accelerated since the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009. “With the HIE, if an employee authorizes the use of patient information by their treating physician, then theoretically the doctor is going to be able to look at all of the patient’s history and treat based on the whole history,” said Mike Allen, principal at Allen Management Consulting. “Right now, when someone is injured at the workplace, generally the physician is treating the injury that is presented to them without having access to the full file. That is going to be the primary benefit of the HIE. It should be a benefit to the injured worker.”
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