Public Health Reporting

Colorado hospitals are required to report certain diseases and conditions identified by their laboratories to state and/or local public health departments to help monitor disease incidence and contain outbreaks. This allows health officials to have a more complete understanding of the state’s health picture and respond quickly in public health emergencies.

Health Information Exchange Streamlines Reporting

Hospitals participating in the CORHIO health information exchange (HIE) network have the option to send or receive data to and from state and county health departments, for information such as newborn screening results, immunizations, reportable conditions (electronic lab reporting) and more via the HIE network. Without HIE, hospitals typically rely on time-intensive manual reporting processes that can lead to data being incomplete and delayed.

When public health data is reported through CORHIO:

  • Providers and staff save time with streamlined reporting (could replace manual data entry for some)
  • IT work and/or maintenance of reporting is lessened
  • Public health agencies have faster access to data and may be able to respond faster to public health emergencies
  • Meaningful Use public health requirements could be met

Please contact CORHIO for important details on the availability of public health reporting and data access.