Direct Messaging

Direct messaging, often called “Direct” for short, is a simplistic form of health information exchange (HIE) that allows a health care provider to securely send patient information to another specified health care provider. This information is sent over the Internet in an encrypted, secure way and is commonly compared to sending a secure email.

Direct messaging is enabled by health information service providers, or HISPs, that are contracted to manage security and transport for Directed exchange. HISPs can also offer a provider directory, which providers can query to locate Direct addresses of other providers.

Funding Available for Physician Practices and Clinics

If your organization has a referral relationship with a Promoting Interoperability-eligible provider or hospital, you are now eligible to receive funding through the Colorado Care Connections Program to join the CORHIO Health Information Exchange. Please contact CORHIO today at 720-285-3200 or to learn more



For Providers Without an EHR

Providers do not have to use an EHR to exchange information using Direct. Without an EHR, Direct works much like email through a specially designed Web-based portal. However, unlike most email, it is both highly secure and HIPAA-compliant.

CORHIO’s Direct Messaging Services

CORHIO offers HISP services and Direct addresses to qualified health care providers, regardless of whether they use an EHR. For providers with an EHR that is not capable of providing HISP services, CORHIO offers EHR-enabled HISP services. For providers without an EHR, CORHIO offers a standalone, Web-based software application called Web Direct for sending and receiving Direct messages.

CORHIO's HISP Services

CORHIO offers Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services via the Medicity technology platform. HISP service allows Direct messages to be securely transported from one provider to another provider. Every provider that wishes to send or receive Direct messages must have a HISP service. If your office or facility uses a certified electronic health record (EHR), your EHR vendor may also be a HISP and may be able to offer you this service.

Medicity is a member of DirectTrust, a national nonprofit association that has established an industry accepted security and trust framework for the exchange of Direct messages. Through Medicity, CORHIO is part of the Trust Bundle. This allows providers using the CORHIO HISP to exchange messages with other providers using a different HISP within the Trust Bundle. View list of HISPs accredited with DirectTrust here.

In addition to DirectTrust connectivity, CORHIO has point-to-point HISP connections with Surescripts, Quality Health Network (western Colorado), New Mexico Health Information Collaborative (NMHIC), and the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN).