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Having accurate clinical data at the point of care helps to better inform clinical decisions and patient communication. Yet, without HIE services, gathering this data can be cumbersome and time-consuming for you and your staff.  Whether you need an individual’s medical history to prepare for a new patient visit, to better understand the condition of a referred patient, or to help fill the gaps of information for a patient recently hospitalized, the CORHIO statewide network of medical records can help. Most of the major hospital systems and labs are providing clinical data to the CORHIO network. For a list of participating providers and the data available, see Participating Providers

CORHIO’s PatientCare 360 is a secure web-based portal that many physician practices and health clinics rely on to get real-time patient information to better coordinate care. It saves valuable time spent making phone calls, culling through stacks of faxed documents, and tracking down information.


Funding Available for Physician Practices and Clinics

If your organization has a referral relationship with a Promoting Interoperability-eligible provider or hospital, you are now eligible to receive funding through the Colorado Care Connections Program to join the CORHIO Health Information Exchange. Please contact CORHIO today at 720-285-3200 or to learn more



Type of Results Available in PatientCare 360

  • Pathology results
  • Radiology reports          
  • ADT information
  • Transcription notes
  • Laboratory results
  • Medication/allergy problem information
  • Care summaries from ambulatory providers, Kaiser Permanente, Department of Defense, Veteran's Administration and Quality Health Network (see Quick Reference Guide for instructions on accessing these care summaries)

For details on data available in the CORHIO network by sender, click here.

Community Health Record

PatientCare 360 gives you access to the Community Health Record, where qualified providers are able to search for and view a patient's consolidated, longitudinal health record. It allows you to look up a patient and search the system for recent lab results, hospital ADTs, face sheets, treatment plans and more. This is a web-based service, so no EHR is needed, though it may be used in combination with automated results delivery into your EHR.

Create Continuity of Care Documents (Care Summaries)

Within PatientCare 360, you can generate Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), which are care summaries providers can use to share patient clinical information. CCDs allow for accurate and timely information sharing so all providers are on the same page in regard to a specific patient. Once generated, CCDs can be printed or downloaded to share with providers or saved into the patient’s record.

Single Sign-On

A new add-on feature of PatientCare 360 is the ability to launch it from within your EHR without having to re-enter log-in information. This convenience can save time and avoids having to break your normal workflow within the patient’s record to find out information from PatientCare 360. (Note: patient information cannot be pulled into the patient record as discrete data, as you are accessing the web-based query application). Learn more on how to receive results directly into your EHR.

Note: the single sign-on feature is an added cost due to custom technical work to connect PatientCare 360 to your specific instance of EHR. Contact us for a customized price quote.

New: Community Care Summaries

CORHIO has continuously improved PatientCare 360 over the years and now we're proud to announce that Community Care Summaries have been added as a PatientCare 360 feature. Community Care Summaries give healthcare professionals access to a new stream of useful patient data. The summaries are available to physician practices and other PatientCare 360 users at no additional cost. 

In short, Community Care Summaries are individual care summaries from a single sender (commonly known as "encounter summaries" from community providers). PatientCare 360 users can now query these summaries from community providers and retrieve a consolidated 12-month view of patient encounters from those participating in the CORHIO HIE. 

Learn more about Community Care Summaries in this flyer and how to access the summaries in this quick reference guide

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What our participants are saying:

"CORHIO has been a game changer. It’s so nice to be able to get hospital and lab records quickly when we need them."

Aris Sophocles, MD
Family Care Medical Center