Medical Home Recognition

Medical Homes are at the forefront of change in our healthcare system. Focused on a team culture that supports the patient in all aspects of their care, medical homes can make significant changes in lowering overall healthcare costs and improving patient care and satisfaction. If your organization is seeking Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition from NCQA, perhaps in partnership with one of your payers, or if you’re interested in learning if medical home recognition is the right path for you, CORHIO’s Quality Improvement team of experts can help.

Transforming the way you care for patients – and actively involving them in their care – requires a considerable effort from your whole team. CORHIO offers consulting services, both directly and through our partner organizations, to assist your practice, clinic or hospital in transforming into a medical home. We can work with single location organizations or multiple site organizations.

How our team can help you achieve medical home recognition:

  • Assistance with EHR reports, policies and procedures, document preparation, and submission of your recognition application
  • Access to a proprietary interactive tool that evaluates your success rate for each level of recognition and guides the entire project management process for a successful application
  • Guidance on how to utilize available health information technology
  • Updates on changes to the NCQA recognition program, including important deadlines
  • Recommendations for workflow and cultural changes needed to transform your practice
  • Post-certification check-ins to review elements and opportunities to advance your level of certification and audits, if necessary
  • Advice on the best resources to utilize, such as helpful toolkits and webinars that we have reviewed for accuracy
  • Recommendations for tying PCMH recognition with measures for other incentive programs

Our Approach

  • We break down the large amount of recognition requirements into manageable chunks, with goals and milestones that are easier for you to meet
  • Utilizing our project management tool, we review areas where you’re already meeting the requirements and document these “easy wins”
  • We look at your overall quality reporting and incentive program participation to find efficiencies and overlaps
  • We use our extensive EHR expertise to help you pull the correct reports and advise you on how to work with your vendor


NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert PCMHThe CORHIO Quality Improvement  group includes a team member that is a Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert. This is the only program available for PCMH advocates to showcase their comprehensive knowledge of NCQA’s recognition program. 

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What our customers are saying:

“CORHIO’s interactive PCMH tool is invaluable – I can’t say enough about the value it’s brought to us and our ability to manage the application using it. It tells us what the standards are, gives us an opportunity to input feedback on where we are at in the process and scores us based on the assessment so we know where we stand. If we think we’ll have trouble meeting a certain factor, we can see our score without it and determine if we can proceed with the other elements. I can’t imagine pursuing PCMH recognition without having CORHIO’s tool available to us.”

Michael Garcia
Project Manager
Metro Community Provider Network